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Terms & Conditions




The following Terms & Conditions ensure our work together is nurtured and safeguards both parties. Please read these terms and fully understand them before proceeding to hire me. You will be advised to do so by me and proceeding to secure your appointment is verification that you have done so.
  1. Age Requiremet
    You must be over 18 to use any of my services. No exceptions.
  2. Limitations
    All Psychics and Mediums are bound by laws that prohibit's them from giving advice about health or legal matters. I also will not predict deaths or the health of a child or baby. Please don't ask me to.
  3. Alcohol & Drugs
    Alcohol and drugs lower the vibrations of the work I conduct with Spirit and can tamper with the quality and safety of my work. Please show up ready on every level to receive. If the welfare or a child or vulnerable adult is disclosed within a session, I am duty-bound to report it.
  4. Mental Health
    All Psychics and Mediums are bound by law that prohibits them from working with people with serious mental health issues. We are not qualified to do so. You are required to disclose if you have schizophrena, a personality disorder or any serious form of mental health issues.
  5. Qualifications
    I have a variety of qualifications and these can be viewed on my about page. I can only offer services within these qualifications and you're asked to respect this.
  6. Copyright
    This website and all of its content remain my sole property. You may not copy or distribute without prior written consent.
  7. Disclosure
    In a session with me, if any form of child or vulnerable adult abuse is shared I have a duty of care to inform local authorities.
  8. No Guarantee
    As the spirit world has free will, I cannot guarantee your loved one will make a connection. Your session may have other purposes and we will explore that in your time slot should it occur.
  9. Refunds
    Fee's are only transferable to appointment changes. You may only change appointment once. I do not offer refunds on any service.
  10. Entertainment
    All work in the area of Psychic and Mediumship for legal reasons is deemed only as for entertainment purposes. You are always fully responsible for your own well-being.
  11. Time Changes
    From time to time I may need to change your appointment time. You will be offered the nearest appointment available.
  12. Referral
    If for any reason within your session with me, I am guided to suggest you attend other types of professional services, it is your responsibility to determine to follow through. I hold no accountability on whom you choose to see nor their practices nor conduct.
  13. Contact
    There are three ways to contact me. 1) Email at [email protected] 2) The contact form on this site 3) Via my facebook page. For privacy reasons I do not have a mobile phone.
  14. Conduct
    You are asked to treat me with dignity and respect at all times. Any conduct that contains abuse, hostility, aggression, threats, intimidation or stalking behavior will be dealt with through the law.