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Please take a moment to scan your needs in the services I offer below and before you purchase please ensure you have read my Terms & Conditions as they are legally binding.
I will be in touch to set up a suitable time for your appointment by email once full payment has been received. Thank you

All my services are held on line via Skype. This is a Free service to download and use. 
Please be aware I do not conduct fortune telling, energy clearings or any form of work that requires entity releasement.
Please ensure you have read my Terms & Conditions before purchasing a session with me.
Spiritual Guidance
Do you need direction? Are you feeling stuck? Would you like truthful clarity from your Angelic Helpers and my Spirit Team? In this up to 1 hour session, I intuitively assess the aspects of your life that needs a bit of TLC. Together we create solutions to empower your life. Your online reading includes
  • Knowing which Angel is working with you and why
  • Soul Assessment
  • Support with love, career, family challaneges and more
  • Solutions to assist you
  • A follow up email 
  • ​Free Meditation Course
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Would you like to connect to your loved one in Spirit? I will do my best to help you hear your loved one, one more time through evidential information and intimate conversation shared with them. 
  • Up to 45 minutes
  • May contain a rare form of Trance Mediumship
  • If a solid connection is not made and we do not explore any further work you will be refunded 80% of the fee or you may use your fee towards another service.

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Development Mentorship
This part reading part getting active psychic/mediumship/healer development 1 hour session will help you tease out any issues you're experiencing in your development. Point you towards the next steps and may call you to commit to a demonstration of your style of work, so I can fully understand your growth to date. 
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Intuitive direction from my Spirit Team
  • Productive and solution focused
  • Follow up email
  • More than one session may be required
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Past Life Regression
Our past lives often contain the mysteries into why we sometimes feel like we are going round in circles in this life. Have you had a de ja vu moment that won't leave your mind? Or feel drawn to someone but don't understand why? Perhaps you're struggling to break free from a relationship? Past lives can help unravel the mystery and heal at a soul level
  • Up to 90 Minutes
  • Gentle guided support
  • Understand your souls lessons
  • Break free from the past
  • Follow up email 
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7 Month Intuitive Coaching Program
Are you ready to commit to 7 Months to create the life you always hoped for? Together we lay down new foundations in your life while releasing all that no longer works for you. Each month we work through your Chakra System to release old patterns.
  • 7 Monthly 90 Minute Sessions
  • 7 Distant Healings
  • 7 Angelic Attunements
  • Spiritual DIY Homework
  • Email Correspondance
  • Free Gifts & Resources
  • And more
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