Dawn Afolabi

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International Spiritual Medium,  Mentor & Teacher 
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My Life Philosophy

  • I believe in a higher power that guides and directs us all.
  • I believe in the eternal existence of the Soul.
  • I believe those that have left their physical body through death can still communicate in a variety of ways from The Spirit World.
  • I practice ways to communicate with those in Spirit with dignity and respect.
  • I believe in the Souls natural desire to learn and grow through experiencing many different lifetimes.
  • I believe in higher beings such as Angels and Ascended Masters and their intention to assist in facilitating healing for humans.
  • I believe through becoming a clear channel for healing through our own personal development we can provide comfort and relief to those that may wish to avail of healing, made available to us, through a higher power.
  • Through becoming aware of and embodying The Laws of The Universe I believe we can foster responsibility for our own actions and deeds.
  • I believe when man consciously knows right from wrong, he should be held accountable for those actions that cause harm to another.
  • I believe our own Spirit is born with natural intuitive abilities and through training and education, we can learn to harness those abilities for the good of ourselves and others.