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Friday, July 27, 2018


By Dawn Afolabi


  1. 05 Aug, 2018
    Is There Such a Thing as "Happy Enough?"
    I remember my first day in high school. I was telling myself, "When I get into the right college, I will be happy." I had my eyes set on a "Public Ivy" in California. Public Ivys are Ivy League-level colleges and universities that you pay pennies on the dollar for. In other words, you get an Ivy League education without burning a hole through your pocket. Because that's exactly what you would be doing if you went to Harvard, Yale, or any other Ivy League university. Sure enough, I got to
  2. 10 Ways To Know Your Psychic
    28 Aug, 2018
    10 Ways To Know Your Psychic
    A Psychic Medium is someone who has the natural ability to communicate with The Spirit World. Have you ever wondered if you might have this ability? Do you have vivid dreams where people from The Spirit World show up to chat to you? Do you wonder is it all in your head? Many Mediums often feel different and sometimes separate from other people. They may also feel overwhelmed by life.... Feel confused by whats happening to them... Have dreams and daytime visions that come true... They may
  3. Creating A Crystal Grid
    02 Aug, 2018
    Creating A Crystal Grid
    As a  Psychic and sensitivs self-care should always be at the center of all we do. We cannot serve others from an empty vessel.  Your Auric field and chakras can become depleted for many reasons. Creating a Crystal Grid not only heals and repairs the Auric field and Chakra centers, it also keeps us as a clear channel for our Spirit work. This Auric Sweep Crystal Grid is certain to leave you feeling pristine and recharged. Choose the crystals you feel most drawn to add to your Grid. I
  4. 30 Jul, 2018
    Merging With An Object
    When I take an object unknown to me in my hands, it bubbles up deep curiosity within me and its past becomes alive in my mind and very Soul. I like to call it merging with an object but its more traditional name is Psychometry.  Psychometry is a psychic ability in which the person holding the object can see or sense the history of the object in question. The images or senses used may produce sound, taste, smell, knowing or feelings within the person. Often I can tell if the object is owned by a