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International Spiritual Medium,  Mentor & Teacher 
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The abilities spirit has blessed me with are out of this world 
Spirit has been training me since the day I was born to hold one of the rarest forms of Trance Mediumship.
Every connection I have ever made both in the living world and the spirit world has been preparing me for the legacy the spirit world wishes me to leave behind on their behalf. Which in part,  is to connect as many people as possible to their inner gifts so they too can hear heavens voice. In the many years of been in service, they have taught me through a wide variety of life experiences including my own deeply personal journey with bereavement and loss, how to really feel and experience the presence of your loved ones. This often shines through in both the emotional and evidential messages they share through me.

My role as a Medium is to help you hear them one more time and I sincerely look forward to seeing you at one of my events. These events are more than just mediumship, they are where I combine over 20 years of experience as a healer, spirit communicator, mentor, and teacher into delivering a unique and different approach to a night with spirit. The messages are often profound and exactly what you need to propel you forward on your journey. 

On a night of Spirit, if we are blessed to receive your loved ones in Trance state, they can bring so much love, humor and a conversation that lets you know its truly really them. This ability rarely demonstrated in public, is blessed to only very well-trained mediums and within the safety and company of my own spirit guides, when the conditions for Trance are in place, you may just get to witness, something undeniably brilliant.

Up Coming Events

  1. An Evening With Spirit
    March 11th
    An Evening With Spirit
    This is a Free Demonstration where Dawn combines a mixed variety of Mediumship styles. Evening commences at 7.30pm. Ticket Only Event
  2. An Evening With Spirit
    March 25th
    An Evening With Spirit
    This is a Free Demonstration where Dawn combines a mixed variety of Mediumship styles. Evening commences at 7.30pm. Ticket Only Event
  3. An Evening With Spirit
    April 08th
    An Evening With Spirit
    This is a Free Demonstration where Dawn combines a mixed variety of Mediumship styles. Evening commences at 7.30pm. Ticket Only Event
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Liechen Pogue - Australin Actress
To be completely honest I have been quite taken back with the insight and guidance that I have received from the two readings that I have had from Dawn.

We live on completely different sides of the world and it was like she was sitting right in front of me and reading from my soul.

I have found them very healing, helpful and full of much care and joy.

I couldn't recommend her more highly 
  1. My Mediumship Night On March the 11th 2019
    13 Mar, 2019
    My Mediumship Night On March the 11th 2019
    In the days leading up to my first event in over a year and a half, I was a mixed bag of every kind of emotion. I could feel the excitement building from those in Spirit and I prayed reverently that I would be able to get them through clearly. My prayers were answered. I arrived at the An Grianan Hotel, Burt and as I wheeled my suitcase in for my nightly stay, Adele, was playing To Make You Feel My Love, in the background and I knew it was going to be a good one. Many moons ago in 2011, I
  2. Be At Peace With Where Your At
    01 Feb, 2019
    Be At Peace With Where Your At
    Often we spend time looking at the grass on the other side of the fence. It looks greener, lusher and every part of you wants to jump that fence and run like a mad thing through it. But you hesitate, questioning the height of the fence and its safety. You longingly covet it but a deeper part of you knows the vibrancy of that grass will not last forever and its very possible the fence could collapse as you tried to climb it. Your fears keep you rooted firmly where you belong and you walk along
  3. A Thread of Light
    17 Feb, 2019
    A Thread of Light
    There is a thread that connects us, That binds our very souls, It joins us all together, It's alive as it intertwines, Its journey yet to unfold. It moves a steady pathway, Stretching out across vast lands, So no matter where its destination is, A part of you goes where it stands. This thread of light is strong and pure, It’s purpose is focused on the heart, It was designed by a force of utmost love, Its mission to always make us part, Part of a plan, of divine intent, It feeds our very