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  1. Creating A Crystal Grid
    02 Aug, 2018
    Creating A Crystal Grid
    As a  Psychic and sensitivs self-care should always be at the center of all we do. We cannot serve others from an empty vessel.  Your Auric field and chakras can become depleted for many reasons. Creating a Crystal Grid not only heals and repairs the Auric field and Chakra centers, it also keeps us as a clear channel for our Spirit work. This Auric Sweep Crystal Grid is certain to leave you feeling pristine and recharged. Choose the crystals you feel most drawn to add to your Grid. I
  2. A Ramble Through A Fairy Forest
    15 Sep, 2018
    A Ramble Through A Fairy Forest
    Its been an intense few weeks as Spirit has been working round the clock with me to help me get super clear on the path they wish me to travel now. There's been high and some lows, some laughter and some tears but as I arrived at my beloved woods today, it was with clear eyes and a deep knowing its time for change.  I moved peacefully through the tree's, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by one of my children. Fascinated by the many new mushrooms that hung like Christmas ornaments all over
  3. Staying True To Your Spirit
    01 Sep, 2018
    Staying True To Your Spirit
    I didn't wake up one day declaring I was a Medium because I was following the latest trends on TV. I didn't wake up one-day declaring I wanted to be famous because I saw others making tons of money from working as a Medium. (I still to this day get very little wage for all I do and it certainly wouldn't sustain my family) I certainly didn't wake up one day wanting to be a Medium because I saw someone else do so much for others through their natural gifts that I was envious.  My Mediumship woke