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In Service Since 2003
I have always been a Medium. I have very early childhood memories of visits from those in the Spirit World. My Mediumship was awakened in 2003 directly after the passing of my third child Ben. In the years that followed life saw me develop different styles of mediumship naturally. I am grateful to be Spirit taught. 
Mediumship takes years to develop and  I have trained mainly under the light of my Spirit Team. They have had to graciously work around my commitments to my family and other parts of my life. I love the gentle blend we have and over the years I have provided connections for people to their loved ones in spirt through the usage of my strong clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. I am a member of the SNU and I am working through some training under their umbrella. 
In the past 3 years my natural ability to blend deeply with the Spirit World through deep trance emerged. This now rare form of mediumship allows Spirits to communicate directly through me which can be very moving to witness. Trance is where I am most comfortable with Spirit and where I know I can make a difference in the lives of others. I look forward to perhaps seeing you at one of my demonstrations. 
As my work in Trance is very delicate I hold very strict guidelines around those that may attend. My venues for holding these demonstrations in are also strictly chosen to ensure we all receive the best from Spirit. In a trance state, I am susceptible to energetic changes and even the thoughts that come from my guest sitters. This means guests should be in a clear mindset and open to supporting their loved one and I as we blend deeply together. When a good blend has occurred the results are undeniably brilliant. The more relaxed my sitters are the more relaxed spirit and I will be together. 
Each person attending a trance sitting comes under invitation only and I ask for no information about my guests apart from what is required for registration. This is to ensure I have to the best of my ability no awareness of the names of sitters. I choose it this way due to social media information been easily accessed and I always endeavor to do my best to keep my mind free from any influencing information. I like honesty in my mediumship and to always serve both spirit and you with integrity. To find out where I am appearing next please go to my events page. 

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What Some Of My Guests Have Shared

  1. I have witnessed Dawn demonstrate trance for 2 years now and always has been amazing. I still remember our first night in the wee room and what a night it was. So blessed to have met such a friend.
    Eamon Cavanagh
  2. I have witnessed Dawn doing trance on numerous occasions and it's so amazing. The messages are accurate and I'm blessed to have witnessed Dawn doing trance.
    Mary Kilkenny
  3. It was amazing I was so touched to see Dawn's Trance, that I cried and felt so happy to the group members who received messages Dawn you are truly wonderful blessed
    Nora Joyce
  4. Dawn, I think your amazing at what you do and I have witnessed some absolutely class spirits come through. Top of the range
    Jason Lambe