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Currently working on cases. Please email me at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

 Here are just some of the possible questions you may have.
Feel free to message me if you cant find the answer your seeking.
  1. How much do you charge for work on a case?
    I offer cases at no cost at this time. Should I be required to come on location, then I ask for my travel and accommodation expenses to be covered.
  2. Can anyone request you to work on any case?
    You must be a direct member of the family, in cases of homicide and missing people. i.e parent, partner, sibling. You may be asked to verify this. If you're requesting on behalf of someone you know please have them contact me directly themselves. The other exception is if your law enforcement and have a professional connection to the case.
  3. How do you gather and store information?
    I prefer to work blindly with no prior knowledge of cases. I record all my private sittings either by video or voice recorder and any conversations we may have. My findings are documented and stored safely. Those that hire me will receive a general copy of any leads gained. Full files may only be released on request by professional law enforcement.
  4. Can you work on every case?
    Unfortunately, there are times when I simply do not connect with a case and I will let you know I feel no vibrational match. I may also be accessively busy with other cases and your case will be put in a fair waiting list.
  5. Can you gaurentee accuracy?
    No Psychic is 100% accurate. It's one of the first things my own teacher taught me to always stay mindful of. There are times when impressions I get make no sense to me, but I will always share them in case they may hold value at some point. I always say take what we know to be right at this time and let the rest come to our awareness if its intended.
When contacting me in relation to a case, please only state the type of case it is and your relationship to the case. Please refrain from all other information, until I contact you.
If you resoante with me and feel I could assist you with your own development please do get in touch. With over 20 years of experience I offer mentoring to a select few each year.
Can Commit To Weekly Growth Sessions
Have Strong Ethical Boundaries
Have 2 Years Experience Minnimum
Have Received Clear Guidance To Learn