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Currently working on cases. Please email me at [email protected]

Upcoming Classes

All my classes are held online so you may work at your time and pace for most of them.
All my classes have full interaction and mentoring by me. 
I like to get to know my students and their style of learning and growth.

  1. 05
    Psychic Development Level 2
    Advanced student training for those with some experience and who have completed level 1 training with me. Your class is held online in my secret community area, with two weekly sessions. You can work at your pace even if your busy on those days.
  2. 20
    Determining Cause of Death
    Understand how you experience cause of death. We look at the top 10 causes of medical deaths to assist you in getting clearer impressions for your sittings, providing crictical evidence in your work. This is a two part class held over 2 nights. Investment €70.00
  3. 03
    Psychic Sleuths Level 1
    Prepare to work with criminal cases by learning to recognize core elements of a case, such a determining, cause of death, estimated time of death, habits and movement of the victim. This class is designed for those with previous experience. 8 Weeks - Investment €175.00
  4. 12
    Psychic Development Level 1
    New to Psychic work or simply wish to freshen your skills? This class will teach you the nuts and bolts of energy work and how to lay healthy foundations for energy management and self-care. Tons of exercises to help you gain confidence. Live 6 Week Class - Investment €297
  5. 10
    Speaking With Spirit Guides
    This 2 hour class is guided by my Spirit Team and will open the connection between you and your Spirit Guides. Learn how to connect to a high vibe Guide at a deep level and how to channel their divine direction for you and your purpose. Online Class - Investment €35.00
  6. 17
    Preparing For Clients
    This class will show you how to put ethical practices in place, to help you build a growing clientelle. You will receive practical business advice on how to create your signature style, brand it, market it and how to set up your business legally. Online Class - Investment €60.00
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