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Office Hours

Currently working on cases. Please email me at [email protected]

Private Sittings

I still offer limited appointments to clients looking for spiritual guidance or a mediumship connection. Evidence will be provided in both sitting's that affirms we have a solid connection either via psychic impressions or through mediumship. Please be aware I am a trained life coach and use techniques from my over 20 years of experience to help you move through any challenging aspects of your life. My Spiritual Guidance sessions are solution focused and you will receive a follow email containing the highlights of your session with me and Free Access to my Art of Meditation Class.

All sessions are confidential in nature and I work exactly where my Spirit Team feels is best for you at this time. Please let me know when ordering what type of service you require, Spiritual Guidance or Mediumship.  I do not offer a combination of both as each requires different levels of work. Please ensure your familiar with my Terms and Conditions as in ordering your confirming you are agreeable and are bound by these Terms. I look forward to serving you.



All my sesssions on line are conducted via Zoom which is a free app to download and use. Please esnure you have this set up in advance.

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In Person


Right now I have very limited in person sessions and your asked to contact me first to check my availability.

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If you would like to gather 3-4 friends together for an evening of inspirtation then this is for you. Each person receives approx 40 mins in their session. Booking Fee is €50.00

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  1. 1
    Age Requirement
    You must be over 18 to use any of my services. No exceptions.
  2. 2
    All Psychics and Mediums are bound by laws that prohibit's them from giving advice about health or legal matters. I also will not predict deaths, or the health of a child or baby. Please don't ask me to.
  3. 3
    Alcohol & Drugs
    Alcohol and drugs lower the vibrations of the work I conduct with Spirit and can tamper with the quality and safety of my work. Please show up ready on every level to receive.
  4. 4
    Mental Health
    All Psychics and Mediums are bound by law that prohibits them from working with people with serious mental health issues. We are not qualified to do so.
  5. 5
    Fee's are only transferable to appointment changes. You may only change appointments once. I do not offer refunds.
  6. 6
    By law the work of a Psychic and Medium is deemed for entertainment purposes only. You are at all times responsible for your own well being and all choices you make after a session.