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I was born knowing    
As a child, I lived between two worlds. This world and the next. It made it easier for me when I was called by Spirit to serve in my late 20's. Been a Spiritual Medium, connecting with those in Spirit, feels like going Home to me.
I was born in the UK and moved to Ireland in the late 70's. By the time I was 10 years of age, my love of history emerged. I often wandered around old abandoned buildings and graveyards. I loved the images that would unfold in my mind as I clairvoyantly stepped into the past. When I was 17 The Spirit World began to prepare me energetically as a healer. 

I went on to have a family of my own but in 2003, after the tragic passing of my third child, I went through an awakening that within months saw me actively working on a homicide case. I have learned different styles of Mediumship over the years that allow me to really merge with a Spirit as they communicate with me and through me. Trance Mediumship is where I conduct some of my most insightful communications.

While working directly with a Spirit, we almost become one as I see and feel everything through their eyes.

Every case is different, from the length it takes, to the outcome. I prefer not to focus on the end result and walk patiently with the Spirit World and my Psychic Senses to deliver the best I can offer. My role is not to solve a crime but to shed light and fresh information that allows law enforcement to lead cases forward. 

I have had such a deep drive within me for years to do something more, to help families and individuals experiencing deep types of grief to find answers and possibly the closure they need to begin to heal.  I am not going to proclaim of all my great successes on cases. Success to me is seeing relief in a pained face. Hope in the eyes of the lost. Its why I choose to work quietly and at a pace that serves my life and that of those whom I feel blessed by, to find me. I prefer not to look for cases but allow cases to find me. 

I am currently preparing for professional training in Criminal Psychology, Forensic Science, CSI Criminology and Anthropology to help further my knowledge and skills in assisting others with integrity and knowledge.