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Psychic Detective, Trance Medium, Teacher & Writer
My pathway to working in the area of crime was destined. I use a combination of skills to assist families and law enforcement.
Throughout my life, I have been training in stages for the role of Psychic Detective. From a young age, I was very aware of Spirits and often had dreams that came true. Over the years I have conducted extensive work as a psychic and medium. I also spent a lot of my sleeping time working with spirits and still do. My dreams are one of my key ways of assessing crimes. I have assisted on some high profile cases but I prefer to work in a low key way.  Multi-skilled, I combine, psychic, and mediumship abilities with remote viewing and psychometry.  

I intuitively obtain impressions that can assist in gaining new leads in
Crime or Missing People cases

Psychic Detective
Criminal Profiling
Location Investigation
1n 2012, I began my Spirit taught training as a Psychic Detective. I work on cases I have a vibrational match with and feel I can be of service and benefit with. Sometimes these cases are simply to help the family find peace, sometimes the cases go on to be useful in other ways. Whatever the outcome I prefer to allow the work to take its own natural course. 
Through using Psychic Abilities and Remote Viewing, I can assess the appearance, personality, lifestyle, hobbies and habits of a person of interest.  I also assess if the crime was organised or disorganised and why.   Criminal Profiling is only available to those that work in law enforcement and require this to assist in an existing case.
Working within a Crime Location can help access information at a deeper level. Its useful in locating where an event happened and information about that event. It can also be used to track the movements of a person of interest. I also use this ability to tap into old properities for research purposes. I love when history lights up around me in visions. 

I am super passionate about Teaching and leaving a legacy for others to excel with. I teach online classes, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. I am currently Beta Testing my Psychic Detective Training Class for suitable canditates. You can check out my upcoming classes and see if anything appeals to you here.

Trance Mediumship Demonstration

I work seasonally as a Medium and from time to time I still hold some small intimate events.  If your interested in seeing my unique style of Mediumship which includes deep Trance messages from your loved ones then do check out my events page to see what's coming up.  These events have strict attendance guidelines such as being over 18 and free from alcoholic substances. Mobile phones are also not permitted in the Trance room. 
Please be aware there is no guarantee that a connection will be made but been part of the audience and any additional teachings that may arise, can enhance your experience and even your own development.

Events for 2019 will be scheduled at the beginning of the year.